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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Calloway - I Wanna Be Rich

They are also renowned in the music world with hit song 'You Are My eveything' pls download right here

B.V.S.M.P - Anytime

BVSMP collection to complement your collection, pls download right here

Black Box - Fantasy

Download right here

C.S.M - I Just Cant Get Enough

Download right here

Friday, April 1, 2011

Seduction - Youre My One and Only (True Love)

The song is very famous in 1990 it had rocked the dance floor in Surabaya (East studio, Paradise and Calypso)
If you are lovers of classic disco please download here ..

Scritti Politti - Boom!! There She Was...

If I hear this song, my mind immediately flashed to Radio Zodiak who often play songs from Scriti Politti - Boom! There She Was .. if lovers of classic disco want nostalgic, please download here

Simply Red - Stars

Actually this song is not included in the category of classic disco, but because I really like the Simply Red is very popular in 1991 so I just put this song here
Remember the disco lovers about the song that is very famous in the golden era break dance .. yaaa so true, I present to you zoolook former dancer break dance

Louie Louie - Sitting In The Lap Of Luxury

A song from the famous Louie Louie in 1990, I present to you, if you are interested please click here