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Monday, December 20, 2010


Hiyyaaaa ...
Discussing about the classic disco certainly can not be separated from the golden era of 90s, which at that time a kind of discotheque Studio East, Paradise, Calypso, etc. are always crowded by visitors who average 15 years olds up to adults aged 40 years
Remember all the bloggers on the song:
- Piano Piano Negro Negro
- Congratulations Sidney Youngblood
- Chaka Khan Its My Party
- The Power Snap!
- Paid In Full Eric B & Rakim
The song was so embedded in my memory and really ..! I want to repeat again a wonderful time at the time.
For that through this blog I try to lift back the memory that (possibly) have been buried but the truth of the young people that want to look back at the beauty and sweetness of that moment

Through this blog I also invite the young people who currently may not young anymore ... to contribute comments and if you could donate the most memorable disco song and liked in those days
My thanks to the DJs below
- DJ Maseko TeYenk
- DJ Indigo Deville
- DJ Zabreack
- DJ Pujo


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